Water Proof: 30 Years in the Making

April 27, 2018      NANTUCKET, USA

I’ve been shooting landscape photography since I purchased my first SLR camera at the age of twelve. I have never shown this work publically. These photographs have always felt more personal somehow, and I only shared them with family and friends.


Now, 30 years later, I’ve decided to share these images with you. Fine art has become a true passion of mine, and I’m excited to make these photographs available to the public.


This show called “WaterProof” is a collection of my seascapes and water imagery. Most of these images were shot on Nantucket, some from shore and some neck-deep in the surf.


I’ve never been far from the water.  Growing up, my family summered at the beaches of Cape Cod. I swam on my high school swim team, and spent four summers as a life guard at state parks in Connecticut. More recently, I dove the Continental Shelf in Iceland, the Cenote Caves of Mexico and the Great Barrier Reef off Australia.  Living on an island provides a constant reminder of the ocean’s unique power and beauty, which I’ve tried to capture in “WaterProof.”


My work will be on display in town at the Nantucket Hotel, 77 Easton Street, Nantucket:


Daffodil Weekend, April 27th-29th


Opening reception is from 5-7:30pm on April 27th