Tulum’s Formidable Underwater Caves


When I travel I like to seek out at least one epic adventure in that location.  Something that pushes me well outside my comfort zone.


I redefined this comfort zone on a recent trip to Tulum. I found a diving outfit that leads dives through underwater cave systems. These Cenotes, as they’re called, are naturally formed, fresh water pools with elaborate cave networks connecting them.


Venturing into tight above-ground caves, in total darkness, in Mexico, with a guide you’ve just met can be daunting. Add 40 feet of water and a self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (SCUBA) with which you have limited experience and you’ve quadrupled the intensity.


A strict rule in cave diving requires you to remain horizontal at all times. Remaining horizontal keeps you from impaling yourself on a stalactite from above. When you’re taking photos with a camera enclosed in a bulky waterproof housing, the temptation is great to stand on solid ground to compose a shot. It’s only natural, but in this case it could be deadly.