Change of Address: Moving Houses on Nantucket

MARCH 17, 2017      NANTUCKET, USA

There’s a crazy thing that happens on Nantucket in the off-season.  Actually, there are many crazy things that happen in the off-season.  The one I knew I had to photograph was the business of house moving.


Because of the island’s erosion problem and ongoing residential development, many existing houses need to be relocated.  I call it “Preservation Before Obliteration.”  It’s a major undertaking and it takes days of prep work before the house is literally put on wheels and is ready to move.


It’s not uncommon to be stuck at an intersection waiting for a 2,500 square foot house to clear the roadway ahead.  The process often involves police escorts, the temporary relocation of power lines and the removal of tree branches along the route.


As a photographer, I enjoy the challenge of navigating the streets to get ahead of the action and using a drone to capture that unique bird’s eye view.  It’s a rare look “behind the curtain” of Nantucket’s winter months that most summer visitors never enjoy.