Education of a Lifetime

August 27, 2017      PLANET EARTH

What would it look like if you took your children out of their traditional school system for an entire year? Instead of a classroom, you bring your children to the world, introducing them to an alternative path of insight, success and happiness.


The Kamrath family, of Rowayton CT, is doing just that. They’re embarking on what they call their “Year Outside the Box.”  And they’ve asked me to document their adventure. I’ve been recruited to capture their story of exploration, growth and enlightenment in the form of a documentary film.


I’ll be embarking on this incredible journey on September 2nd , documenting Nadia (age 12) and Lukas (age 14) as they begin their travel around the globe.


This won’t be a story about a wealthy family going on a yearlong vacation. In each country the kids will be exposed to its people and culture in a way that no text book could ever convey.


Major changes will happen in my life as well. I’ve spent the last two months packing and winding down my business for the year.


All my life’s belongings are stored in a 10x10 foot climate-controlled storage unit. Whatever didn’t fit was tossed, sold or given away. There’s no turning back now!