A Life in Pictures

It’s hard to remember my life before photography. One of my earliest memories was washing cars to save up for my first SLR camera. Loading that first roll of film, a lifetime of adventures unfolded. They come to mind as snapshots. Learning darkroom photography from a spy in Singapore. Having my hand freeze to a tripod in Fairbanks, Alaska. Chasing a monkey who stole my lens cap in Sumatra, Indonesia. Attending drone piloting school in Saskatoon, Canada. Filming the tectonic plates on a dive in Thingvellir, Iceland. Getting trapped in a shark cage with a shark off the coast of Nantucket.


I’ve photographed celebrities, professional athletes, presidents and politicians, top executives, as well as the lesser known. My passion for making images has taken me into the realms of film and video production as well as fine art photography. And so it is that my life in pictures continues to unfold, one striking adventure after another.